The Bamboo-Design is one of my personal favorites: I just wanted to try if I can shape a “real” natural bamboo branch as a knife.

From a heavy chunk of Damasteel 2thrds were cut off and filed away. I liked the result and made several different kinds of them…

The Picture Shows one after heat-treating, but before etching.

Fish-shaped knives: I made a lot of them, big, medium size and small. Here ist the newest: Evo-Mini-Fish with real Diamond-Eyes set in Gold. See a Video about it on my YouTube-channel: viennablade…

I named this one “Skippy” and made a few in this Design,- it is still in production, totally handmade. The total length ist 136 mm, it is very handy-sized and because of the specially selected damascus-steel really attractive.

And now something different: Little Creatures – no, not knives and not useful things… It´s all just about looking like “strange creatures”, mostly from stainless Damascus, all are magnetic,- so You can attatch them to Your fridge -door or any other steel surface.

Collect them all!!!